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This site is established by the collaborators of the Center for Immunotherapy & Cellurar Technologies (CCIT). The purpose of this site is to inform about the medical advances related to the development of immunotherapeutic and cellurar technologies.

Immunotherapy for cancer

Immunotherapy for autoimmune disease

Cell-based technologies
for medicine

An active specific immunotherapy (vaccinotherapy) is a strategy using tumor-associated antigens for including antitumor immune responses. The small structural distinctions of the xenogenic tumor-associated antigens from their human analogues render these antigens highly immunogenic and capable of including immune-mediated, antitumor responses in a patient not only at early, but also at advanced stages of disease, when tumor-derived immunosuppression is significant. Tumor-specfic immunotherapy is able to generate a selective and long-term antitumor effect. Such a therapy has no complications attributable to chemotherapy.

Xenovaccinotherapy for cancer


The autovaccination-based technology exploits natural immunoregulatory mechanisms and is aimed to stimulate patient's immune reactions directed selectively against the pathogenic, selfreactive T lymphocytes responsible for disease development.

T-cell vaccination (autovaccination) for autoimmune diseases


Stem cells are able to migrate into tissue lesions and differentiate there into those cells which are required for effective tissue regeneration. As a matter of fact, stem cell-based technologies enable to replace the complicated surgery on organ transplantation by the cell grafting, an ambulatory procedure with an equivalent potential.

Clinical application of stem cell transplantation


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